MHI Ltd. Is one of the founders and leaders of the modern market of refrigeration equipment for the home, office and industrial applications. The corporation produces everything connected with this branch of production, ranging from stand-alone air conditioners and finishing with climate systems to entire cities, united in a single network. In order to ensure comfortable conditions for the existence of modern man, MHI Ltd. Annually develops and implements the ;attest technologies in the production of the climate technology which are always based on effectiveness efficiency and safety for the environment.


Corporation MHI Ltd. Traces it’s history back to 1884.

Corporation MHI Ltd. Traces it’s history back to 1884.
It all started with the fact that the founder of the company Mr. Yataro Iwasaki rented a yard and began to build ships calling his company Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works. In the course of time it turned to Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. And then in 1934 to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. – one of the largest private companies in Japan which produced in addition to ships as well as aircraft, locomotives and other heavy equipment.

The basic of success and the center of all new development, construction and chemical industry, heavy industry has been and remains Corporation Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.
Now MHI Ltd. Is an industrial giant world-wide in many areas of life of our civilization.

The corporation produces:

  • Passenger and military aircraft, aircraft engines, space engines, system, modules and equipment for space stations.
  • Freight, passenger and military ships, submarines, patrol boats, research and core devices, floating storage and barge, marine navigation systems
  • Steel bridges and pipes, cranes, materials handling equipment and construction of cultural and sporting outfits
  • Power plants and all types of boilers, turbines and engines for them
  • Plants for the recycling of all types of industrial and chemical waste, plants for airports and suspended monorail systems for the pulp and paper industry and printing industry.

The corporation MHI Ltd. Is one of the founders and leaders of the current market for air conditioning systems for domestic equipment, semi-industrial and industrial applications. The corporation MHI Ltd. Designs and manufactures air conditioning and refrigeration, automotive climate systems, central air conditioning and heating for building and entire districts, refrigeration units for trucks and trailers, marine vessels. The focus of the production is the harmony between the man, technology and nature. Starting from the unitary air conditioners and finishing with air conditioning systems for entire cities, united in a single network each piece of equipment combining the innovative technologies that meet the global perspectives and absolutely safe for the environment, effectiveness and maximum efficiency in the operation.

Global Activity
On the land and sea, in the sky and even in space, MHIis stage of operations is expanding limitlessly. They manufacture more than 700 different productions which support various industrial and civil activities in both domestic and international markets.

Ships, steel structures, power systems, machinery for both industrial and general use, air-conditioners, pollution reduction and environmental control systems, aerospace systems – the MHI product lines which create rich and comfortable living environments are as harmonious as an orchestra.
What creates this harmony in MHIis general technological expertise developed over more than a century of hard work. MHI are highly esteemed in the world for providing high quality through untiring technological research and development. From new energy development and environmental concerns to the exploration of space, with the advent of the 21st century MHI is confronting a variety of issues to ensure the realization of a society in which there is harmony between mankind and technology.


  • We strongly believe that the customer comes first and that we are obligated to be an innovative partner to society.
  • We base our activities on honestly, harmony and a clear distinction between public and private life.
  • We shall strive for innovative management and technological development from an international perspective.


In Japan there are many enterprises with their own “creeds” which simply represent their management concept. MHI Ltd. has a creed of this type also. It was instituted in 1970 on the basis of the policy advocated by Koyata Iwasaki, president of Mitsubishi Goshi Kaisha in the 1920’s to indicate the essential attitude of the company, the mental attitude of the employees, and the future directions of the company. The reason for instituting the present creed is so that all of us can call to mind our one hundred years of tradition and strive for further development in the future.

Issued 1 June 1970