November 26, 2021

What exactly are hyperinverter air conditioners?

In recent years, the term “hyper inverter air conditioners” has become widespread in the minds of Bulgarian consumers, which is associated with the highest class of air conditioning equipment from a number of manufacturers. But is this notion correct, since there is no such thing as a “hyper inverter”?

The truth is “hyper inverter” is a trade name owned by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, with which the Japanese manufacturer highlights its best and most innovative range of air conditioning systems – models from the “Diamond” series SRK-ZMX, SRK-ZSX, SRK- ZR, SRF-ZMX and the FD series professional air conditioning equipment – “Hyper Inverter”. Over time, however, the term has become synonymous with a premium product, and a number of retailers are beginning to use it for marketing purposes to describe the products of other competing brands.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ hyper inverter air conditioners are designed for consumers who want to heat and cool their homes and workplaces with the highest degree of energy savings at maximum comfort. This is achieved thanks to the efficient operation of the compressor and monitoring of temperature changes in the room, as well as changes in the outside temperature. All this allows the system to calculate and provide the required amount of cold or heat to ensure optimal comfort in the room.

With hyper inverter air conditioning systems, the initial investment is slightly higher, but significantly lower monthly electricity bills compensate for it many times over.

Apart from having high energy efficiency and the highest seasonal cooling and heating ratios (SEER and SCOP), these air conditioners also offer a number of other advantages, such as:

  • fast and flawless work
  • elegant and modern design
  • lowest noise values ​​for cooling and heating
  • providing a healthy and clean living environment
  • resistant to extreme weather conditions to create optimal comfort and meet the needs of even the most demanding customers
  • easy to manage

If you are also looking for a way to create optimal climate conditions in your home or office, with minimal electricity consumption and care for the environment, make the best informed choice and trust Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

what exactly are hyperinverter air conditioners

Hyper inverter air conditioners from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

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