November 26, 2021

The road to 25 – CONDEX marked its fourth century

2018 is truly special and significant for Codex. During it we turned 25 years old – or a quarter of a century, in which starting from scratch, over time we have developed and gradually become one of the leaders in the field of air conditioning in Bulgaria. Our history is long, marked by a number of challenges, new partnerships and exciting projects. Let us tell you our story.

It all started with the founding of the company back in 1993. In the same year we started our partnership with the Japanese concern Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and we became the official importer of their air conditioning equipment in the country. This allowed us to offer quality solutions capable of meeting the high standards of our customers. A year later, our first office opened, and in 1996 we took a trip to Nagoya. We still remember the excitement and trembling that overwhelmed us as soon as we set foot on Japanese soil. There, our team got acquainted with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and successfully completed training at the company’s headquarters.

5 years after the establishment of the company, we expanded our product range by finding a new and trusted partner, in the face of the German leader in precision air conditioning – STULZ. The beginning of this cooperation started with the supply of precision air conditioners needed for the implementation of large-scale projects for Mobiltel. In 1998 we installed the first VRF system in Bulgaria, which works flawlessly to this day.

Over the next few years, we gradually continued on our way forward, our main principle was to always rely on quality performance with quality equipment. This has helped us build trust among our partners and customers, which has allowed us to start building larger-scale projects such as air conditioning for hotels, banks, hospitals, large office buildings, data centers, base stations, ATC and more. The high level of service, the professionalism in the work and the loyalty of our team over the years allowed us to go beyond the borders of Bulgaria and to implement projects in other countries. One of the ones we are really proud of dates back to 2004, when we supplied and installed the VRF systems needed to air-condition the African Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases and the Jela Hospital in Tripoli, Libya.

3 years later, in 2007, we built our own warehouse. It provided us with the opportunity to maintain constant stocks of our air conditioning equipment and gave us the convenience of faster and more reliable delivery to our customers and distributors across the country. A year later we presented an implemented quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard.

In 2013, Condex became the official representative of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for Macedonia as well. This allowed us to expand the company’s activities in our western neighbor and to implement projects there.

In our quest to constantly develop and improve, in 2014 we built our own business building in the capital. In addition to offices for our employees, our new jewel has a showroom, logistics center and modern warehouse. The official opening of the building and its commissioning coincided with our 20th birthday, so we decided to celebrate it there.

Many trips, seminars, distribution meetings and large-scale projects followed. In 2017 we expanded our business and started a new partnership with the Italian manufacturer Thermocold. The company specializes in the creation and development of innovative air conditioning systems and solutions designed for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, for specific use against explosions and fire resistance, as well as for the railway and underground transport sectors. Last year we had another reason to be proud, after we founded the football team of Condex, competing in the Bulgarian Construction Football League.

And so, as those 25 years had passed imperceptibly. A time filled with priceless moments, countless challenges, a dose of difficulties and many reasons for pride. Today, Codex employs nearly 40 qualified specialists, and our engineers and technicians must specialize in the training centers of our partners. This helps us to offer our customers professional service and maintain long-term relationships with our distributors and partners at home and abroad. We have regional centers in major cities, as well as a well-organized distribution network. Since its establishment, we have managed to deliver and install over 100,000 air conditioners in Bulgarian homes and offices under the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries brand, over 400 central air conditioning systems with a total capacity of over 18 megawatts, as well as precision air conditioning equipment from STULZ with capacity over 14 megawatts. Even with all these figures, however, the smile of the satisfied customer remains the most valuable for us, and our goal has always been to find the most optimal, modern and cost-effective technical solution, according to the individual requirements of our customers.

And because we love smiles, we decided to celebrate our 25th birthday with an unforgettable party – with lots of live music, surprises and good mood. The event was attended by over 250 guests, including customers, friends, distributors and of course partners from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, STULZ and Thermocold. The host of the event was the beloved actor Nencho Balabanov, who did his best and incarnated in the images of Boyko Borisov and Veselin Marinov.

A musical band and dance performances repeatedly kept our eyes and those of our guests on stage, and in the end even the strictest abstainers of sweets could not resist our cake.

See more photos from the 25th Birthday of Codex here.

Our team is grateful for the trust of all clients and partners with whom we have established relationships over the years and we truly believe that we will continue our journey together in the next 25. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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