November 26, 2021

The latest models of MHI air conditioners are already in Bulgaria


The new series of air conditioners of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. are already available on the Bulgarian market. (MHI), which were developed by the Japanese corporation at the end of last year. The new models are designed entirely for the taste of the European consumer and are able to meet even the most demanding customer requirements, both in terms of functionality and energy performance, and to perfection in design. Check out the new SRK-ZSX air conditioners from the Diamond series and the SRK-ZS Premium series air conditioners, which come in several colors.

What makes the new models so special?

At first glance, air conditioners stand out with innovative design that will impress you. The idea for the rounded contours and stylish design features is the work of the Milan-based Italian studio for industrial design – Tensa srl. This allows the Japanese brand to get closer to European tastes and preferences, while meeting a wide range of EU requirements. However, significant design changes are not just designed to delight the senses. The truth is that they also contribute to improving energy efficiency in the home – a factor that has a huge impact on the choice to buy air conditioning in every Bulgarian household.

To create the perfect airflow circulation system for the ZSX Diamond Series and ZS Premium Series, the same aerodynamic analysis technologies used in the design of turbojet engines have been applied. This allows the air flow to be even, delicate, silent and to reach the most remote corners of the room where the air conditioner is located. In both models, the fan shape allows the noise level to be reduced to just 19 dB (A) in Ulo mode for the SRK 20, 25, 35 ZS-S and SRK 20, 25, 35 ZSX-S models. and up to just 22 dB (A) for the SRK 50 ZS-S and SRK 50, 60 ZSX-S, making these models one of the quietest on the market. Another quiet mode that you can set for the night is the “Silent” mode, which reduces the noise level of the outdoor unit by an average of about 3 dB (A), such as. with the SRC20ZSX-S from 43/44 dB (A), it drops to only 33/38 dB (A) cooling / heating.

Command of the models of all series is possible from a long distance via smartphones and other mobile devices, with a Wi-Fi adapter. So easily everyone is able to create the perfect level of home comfort with just a few clicks by quickly cooling down in summer and warming up in winter, no matter where you are.

Features of the ZSX hyperinverter models from the Diamond series

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK-ZSX


The SRK-ZSX has a movable intake air panel, and a double flap helps create accurate airflow by controlling horizontal and long-range airflow in cooling mode (up to 17m) and strong and downward airflow in heating mode. They are able to reach high capacities, setting records in seasonal coefficients (SEER and SCOP) and have the best levels of energy savings in the European Union, class A +++. The ZSX series of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is designed to operate in heating mode and at an exceptional -20 ° C.

In addition, the SRK-ZSX models are equipped as standard with motion sensors that detect the presence of people in the room and automatically control the room temperature, as well as the functions for turning the air conditioner on and off.

The model was awarded the extremely prestigious international award “A Design Award”, as it impressed the jury with innovative design and excellent features.

The list of advantages of the SRK-ZSX hyperinverter also includes the following features:

  • It is suitable for use in any type of environment, whether commercial, residential or industrial.
  • Energy saving performance of the twin rotary compressor
  • Improved external heat exchanger
  • Allergen-deactivating system
  • The brightness of the LED indicator can be adjusted
  • Wireless infrared remote control for convenient use

Features of the ZS inverter models from the Premium series

The SRK-ZS provides high seasonal efficiency, comfortable cooling or heating and has many options that can be activated to improve household comfort. But certainly the most distinctive advantage of the model is that it comes in 3 color variations – to make the most accurate choice, depending on the style of your interior.

You can choose between the stylish and clean Pure White, the designer black and white Contrast and the unique Titanium.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK-ZS Pure White


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK-ZS Contrast


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK-ZS Titanium


The list of advantages of the SRK-ZS inverter also includes the following features:

  • Allergen-deactivating system
  • The brightness of the LED indicator can be adjusted
  • Wireless infrared remote control for convenient use
  • Ability to save favorite settings


Check out our new ZS hyperinverter models here.

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