November 26, 2021

STULZ – precision air conditioning equipment with German quality

CONDEX is the official representative for Bulgaria of the German manufacturer of precision air conditioning equipment – STULZ. Their solutions are specially designed to meet the high requirements for air conditioning of technical premises in the field of information technology and communications. For more than 40 years, the company has been a pioneer in the field, with the brand’s products manufactured in Germany, to the highest quality standards and in accordance with extremely strict criteria for product testing.

The Close control and Free cooling systems give full control of the microclimate parameters in the air-conditioned room – temperature, relative humidity and air purity. The philosophy that STULZ has followed in developing these techniques is: Maximum security, minimum energy costs!

Thanks to its wide range of sizes, various additional options and modularity, STULZ stands out worldwide by offering an extremely wide range of products capable of creating optimal air conditioning for a number of sites. Over the last 20 years we have delivered, installed and maintained over 380 precision STULZ air conditioning systems, with a total capacity of over 14 megawatts for sites such as: data centers, telecom server rooms, banks, insurance, pharmaceutical companies, telephone exchanges, laboratories, server rooms , base stations of mobile operators, UPS, etc., for our customers, including:

Banks – FiBank, UniCredit Bulbank, DSK Bank, Allianz;
Government agencies – Ministry of Finance, National Audit Office, Patent Office, Sports Tote, BAS, Embassies;
Telecoms – Mtel, Vivacom;
Data Center Operators – Siemens, Neterra, Equinix, Novatel, Teleport;
Others – Actavis, Sutherland, EVN, Lidl, Facit, IKE;
and many others.
In order for the specialized telecommunication equipment and the servers in which important data are stored to work reliably and without interruption, the precise air conditioning equipment strictly maintains temperature and humidity and ensures continuous and efficient cooling operation – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 365 days a year – both in extreme summer heat and at very low outdoor winter temperatures.

The STULZ company offers different types of air conditioning systems:

  • with direct evaporation of the refrigerant;
  • Indirect Free cooling systems with intermediate refrigerant (ethylene glycol);
  • Direct Free cooling systems;
  • Chiller systems with cooled water, etc.

In such productions and premises, the reaction and service time is essential, and the CONDEX team has proven that it is always available. The company’s employees are constantly improving their skills by annually participating in seminars on the latest innovations in the field of precision air conditioning, organized by STULZ GmbH, Hamburg, Germany.

Watch the video and get acquainted with the STULZ precision air conditioning equipment here:

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