The service base of CONDEX company offers subscription support of the air conditioning equipment we offer. You can also contact us for a one-time preventive service.


Why is prevention needed?

Regular technical inspection and maintenance of your air conditioner ensures its long-term and trouble-free operation and reduces to a minimum possible damage and repair needs, improves the efficiency of the air conditioner and reduces energy consumption.

Service center

Sofia 1407, 87 Okolovrasten Pat Str

+359 2 958 27 92, +359 886 011 608, +359 886 879 951

What is prevention?

  • Cleaning and treatment of the heat exchanger of the indoor unit with detergent.
  • Cleaning the filters and plastic of the indoor unit.
  • Condensate bath cleaning.
  • Cleaning the outdoor unit heat exchanger.
  • Check the operating characteristics of the air conditioner – temperatures, pressures.
  • Overview of the general condition.
Price for maintenance of an air conditioner up to 7 kW cooling capacity – 96 BGN.
From 3-5 pcs. air conditioners (indoor units) – 84 BGN.
For larger quantities – negotiable.

Subscription support

We offer subscription support for sites that have central or precision air conditioning. Prices and conditions are negotiated individually according to the specifics of the site and the type of facilities.


The service base of CONDEX company provides full warranty and post-warranty service of the air conditioning equipment we offer.

Before calling for service technicians for your air conditioner, check:
  • Are the inner unit air filters cleaned?
  • Is the remote control mode set correctly?
  • Is there power supply?
  • Is there a signal for self-diagnosis (flashing of the inner LEDs)?
Prices for services: *
Visit, diagnosis and consultationBGN 120
Replacement of internal fanBGN 180
Replacement of compressorBGN 330
Replacement of four-way valveBGN 330
Refilling with freon (up to 1000 g)BGN 210
Replacement of crane on outdoor unit (labor)BGN 180
Drainage pump replacement (labor + pump)BGN 360
Replacement of electronic unit (electric board)BGN 180
Replacement of external fanBGN 180
Replacement of temperature sensorBGN 120
Replacing the outdoor unit propellerBGN 120
Leakage removal and refilling with freon (up to 1500 g)BGN 360
Installation of winter set (heater + bath)BGN 360
Transport costs (for remote sites)0.70 BGN / km
Price for air conditioner maintenance up to 7 kW cooling capacityBGN 96
From 3-5 pcs. air conditioners (indoor units)BGN 84
* Prices can be changed according to the specifics of the site and the air conditioning.