July 20, 2023

R32 Micro KXZ – a powerful energy-saving and economical system for an ecological future

Against the background of the deepening energy crisis worldwide, effective and affordable solutions for maintaining the microclimate are becoming an increasingly basic necessity. 

Aiming to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers, CONDEX stands out as a leading supplier of reliable and eco-friendly air conditioning systems.

With the high-quality inverter systems for central air conditioning of the leading Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the business in our country can count on a sustainable approach, with which it simultaneously achieves energy savings.

R32 Micro KXZ – a powerful energy-saving system

The new R32 Micro KXZ series is the ideal solution for heating and cooling offices, commercial buildings, hotels, and banks. It offers a wide power range combined with a compact and elegant design. These systems guarantee their reliable operation, even with a large change in the outside temperature, and their efficiency maintains their high levels in the range from -15oC to +43oC in cooling mode and from -20oC to +15.5oC in heating mode.

The refrigerant-optimized R32 series is an excellent choice for customers who require systems with significantly reduced carbon emissions and operating costs. VTCC (Variable Temperature and Capacity Control) technology developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is integrated into the KXZ solutions. It optimizes the operation of the system by constantly adapting its power to match the current heat load of the building. In this way, the system always circulates exactly the amount of Freon that is needed, which minimizes switching on and off the compressor and reduces operating costs by up to 34%.

A wide range of accessories and remote controls have been developed for the optimal use of indoor units and for their maximum energy efficiency. One of these accessories, which helps to further realize energy savings, is the motion sensor, which can be additionally installed on indoor units. 

It monitors the presence of people in the room where the corresponding indoor unit is located and their activity level. Based on these indicators, the motion sensor optimizes the setting of the maintained temperature in the room. In this way, energy is saved without compromising on comfort.


r32 micro kxz a powerful energy saving and economical system for an ecological future

High quality, durability, and performance

The new R32 Micro KXZ offers easy maintenance and use. Consisting of various models, the series has a high level of energy efficiency and ensures excellent comfort. Outdoor units are available in both single-phase and three-phase versions. The wide selection of indoor unit types to match any type of interior makes it suitable for air conditioning in banks, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, and public buildings. An exceptional advantage is the possibility of control in any situation, which helps to achieve optimal temperature and air quality in the building. Each model has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its high durability and reliability. This is especially important in continuous operation because the smooth operation is critical to achieving a return on investment.

Proven professionalism and experience

By choosing models from the R32 Micro KXZ series, customers not only benefit from energy-efficient systems but also contribute to environmental protection. CONDEX stands behind the mission of providing solutions designed with a greener and more sustainable future in mind for the planet.

The long-term experience and trust that CONDEX has built among IT companies, mobile operators, financial institutions, medical centers, and other corporate clients make it the preferred choice for the successful implementation of a number of projects in the country. For 30 years, CONDEX has been setting high standards, guaranteeing quality in every aspect of its work.

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