STULZ precision air conditioning

STULZ precision air conditioning

STULZ precision air conditioning For more than 40 years, the German company STULZ has been one of the leaders in the field of air conditioning of database centers, server rooms, telephone stations and more. The philosophy followed by the manufacturer is maximum security and minimum energy costs. STULZ air conditioning equipment is developed and manufactured mainly in Germany in accordance with the highest quality standards and under extremely strict technical criteria. The company is proud of its product range, which is unique and guarantees optimal air conditioning for practically every project in the field of information technology and communications.

High density cooling - Cooling of areas with high heat load3

STULZ offers a wide range of solutions and systems for precise cooling of high heat loads. The products in the series provide the most reliable and accurate cooling with minimum dimensions that work in the optimal range, even at maximum load.

Room cooling - Cooling of rooms with high, medium and low heat load3

Highly efficient precision air conditioning technology for optimal temperature and humidity control. With STULZ precision solutions, you can count on complete operational reliability. The products of the series provide continuous air conditioning with maximum energy efficiency, even at high heat loads.

Chiller units - Cooling with water cooling units6

STULZ chiller units are specially designed for maximum reliability for the needs of database centers and industry. Designed and manufactured under strict conditions, Chiller units are designed to provide maximum energy efficiency for any temperature profile - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. STULZ offers devices with water cooling units for outdoor or indoor installation.

Shelter Cooling - Cooling of communication containers4

STULZ Shelter Cooling are designed for air conditioning of modular buildings, containers, as well as for base transceiver stations. Shelter Cooling is ready to connect and enter operation in accordance with the "plug-and-play" principle. The systems in the series can be configured according to the specific needs and requirements of the customer and guarantee long-term operation for years to come.