SRR (Slim) series - channel type inverter models from Premium series and Diamond series

The MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES SRR duct inverter models of the “Premium” and “Diamond” series for concealed ceiling mounting have a slim design and a height of only 200 mm, which allows flexible installation in confined spaces. They are equipped with a condensing pump and a wireless remote control included in the set. They have an option for lower air intake, Wi-Fi, and many convenience features. They provide maximum comfort during cooling and heating, even at -15 ° C.

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Inverter model SRR25ZS-W/SRC25ZS-W


Inverter model SRR35ZS-W/SRC35ZS-W


Hyperinverter model SRR50ZS-W/SRC50ZSX-W3


Hyperinverter model SRR60ZS-W/SRC60ZSX-W3

Wi-Fi adapter WF-RAC

The WF-RAC adapter provides easy and intuitive remote climate control in your home or office.