Shelter Cooling - Cooling of communication containers

STULZ Shelter Cooling are designed for air conditioning of modular buildings, containers, as well as for base transceiver stations. Shelter Cooling is ready to connect and enter operation in accordance with the “plug-and-play” principle. The systems in the series can be configured according to the specific needs and requirements of the customer and guarantee long-term operation for years to come.

Cooling devices for outdoor or indoor installation ShelterAir FC

Upgraded Free Cooling devices for outdoor or indoor installation. To ensure a significant reduction in the running costs of base stations.

Flexible air conditioning Shelter Cooling/SplitAir

SplitAir is a reliable series for cooling communication containers, which saves space and energy. The devices consist of an indoor and an outdoor unit.

Air conditioning for outdoor installation TelAir

TelAir devices are designed for installation in telecommunication containers, rooms for various types of equipment and machinery.

Air conditioning for outdoor installation Shelter Cooling/WallAir

The solutions in the WallAir series are compact and resistant to weathering. They perform their functions by being installed outside the communication container and thus allow the full use of the space.