Multi-split systems, SCM series - Multi Split Inverter

Multi-split systems allow one outdoor unit to serve a wide range of different combinations with up to six indoor units. There are eight models of outdoor units from 4.0 kW to 12.5 kW. Our new models, multi-split SCM 40 ~ 125 ZM-S achieve the highest SEER / SCOP values ​​in the industry. The outdoor units use a new modern DC – tandem rotor compressor with a new inverter control (Vector control) and a new shape of the lamellas of the heat exchanger. SRK series indoor units are the latest series suitable for single and multi-systems, using the new heat exchanger and improved airflow system.

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Indoor units for multi split systems14

With one outdoor unit, air conditioning can be provided in up to 6 different rooms. The wide range of compact and elegant indoor units, which are available in different variants - wall-mounted, floor, cassette, ceiling, and duct, makes it possible to air-condition any environment. The wall-mounted models can be from the series "Standard", "Premium" and "Diamond" with powers from 2 kW to 7.1 kW.

Outdoor units for multi split systems12

Powerful, quiet and efficient outdoor units with tandem-rotor compressors are available in 8 capacities from 6.0 kW to 12.5 kW. They can be combined with up to 6 indoor units. All models can reach very high seasonal efficiency and operate in heating or cooling mode at low outdoor temperatures of -15 C.