High density cooling - Cooling of areas with high heat load

STULZ offers a wide range of solutions and systems for precise cooling of high heat loads. The products in the series provide the most reliable and accurate cooling with minimum dimensions that work in the optimal range, even at maximum load.

High density cooling/CyberRack

CyberRack Active Rear Door is a heat exchanger with EC fans that are placed on the back door (exit) of the server rack.

High density cooling/AirBooster 2

The new AirBooster 2 from STULZ are ventilation devices that are mounted on a double floor, directly in front of the server rack. They increase the flow of air through the respective rack and are controlled according to the cooling needs quickly, easily and reliably.

High density cooling/CyberRow

CyberRow is an air conditioner for specific cooling of racks with a high heat load. It does not require a double floor.