4-sided cassette type inverter split systems for suspended ceiling installation, with capacities from 4.0 to 14.0 kW.

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Compact ceiling cassette FDTC13

The FDTC models of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have a compact design and are extremely suitable for installation in a raster-suspended ceiling 60 x 60 cm. They provide an even air supply in 4 directions, which can be controlled individually by f the valve control system. The new shape of the flaps directs the air stream away from the ceiling to avoid the formation of stains. They are characterized by quiet operation and have the ability to introduce fresh air.

Ceiling Cassette - 4way FDT30

The new generation of FDT from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. They achieve higher seasonal efficiency, quiet operation and maximum comfort, without any currents. Awarded the prestigious "Good Design Award 2016" (in Japan). The new flow prevention panel prevents cold / hot drafts directly to the user. The new motion sensor detects the presence / absence and level of activity of people to improve comfort and energy savings.