Air-to-water heat pump systems - HYDROLUTION

MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES “HYDROLUTION” Air-Water Heat Pumps are a complete modern system for heating, cooling and domestic water heating, suitable for all apartments and homes. The system extracts energy from the ambient air and uses it to provide year-round climatic comfort and convenience for residents with a high level of energy autonomy and efficiency. The use of virtually unlimited renewable energy source “air” saves money and contributes to reducing carbon emissions. The system allows integration and sharing with existing heating systems, and its efficiency and reliability are guaranteed by the industry leader MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES

Energy saving
Efficient in all weather conditions
Easy integration into existing heating systems such as radiators and convectors and floor heating
Possibility to work with additional heat sources such as oil, gas, pellets, wood or solar collectors
Hot water up to 65 degrees
Compact size and easy installation
Low noise levels during operation

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A complete solution for heating, cooling and domestic hot water for apartments and small houses, which includes a controller, outdoor unit and monolithic indoor unit HMK, containing all the necessary hydraulic components, systems and elements.

Modular combinations4

The modular combinations provide flexibility in the choice of controller, outdoor unit, indoor HSB system, heating boiler with a volume of 300 liters and accessories to provide heating, cooling and water heating for domestic use of apartments and houses of all sizes.

Heating & cooling4

Modular combinations of controller, outdoor unit, indoor HSB system and accessories that provide only heating and air cooling of apartments and houses of all sizes.


A variety of accessories that increase comfort and help integrate Hydrolution heat pumps into complex heating systems.