General Details

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK / SRC 60 ZSX-WB

  • Attractive and stylish – top class, “Diamond” series, with an elegant, timeless design.
  • Designer model – created to meet the demanding European taste for air conditioning systems. Awarded the prestigious international award “Silver A’Design Award 2017”.
  • The unique thing that makes this product different are the rounded shapes on all sides.
  • Extremely high seasonal efficiency – А+++ / А+++
  • Low noise levels – up to 19 dB(A)
  • High efficiency and high power– by means of a twin-rotor compressor and an improved external heat exchanger.
  • Energy saving– by means of a sensor for detecting human presence and activity.
  • Wi-Fi adapter  (optional) – can be controlled by smartphones and tablets.
  • Ability to save favorite settings
  • Quiet and even air flow – through the “3D Auto” function to achieve a uniform temperature in all parts of the room.
  • Allergen-deactivating system – activated with just one button.
  • Improved control in “Auto” mode – for cooling / heating switching.
  • LED indicator brightness  – can be adjusted.
  • Easy to use wireless infrared remote control  – with many options, incl. weekly timer, “Economy”, “Silent” mode, etc.
Cooling capacity, kW:6.1 (1.0-6.9)
Heating capacity, kW:
6.8 (0.8-8.8)
Cooling consumption, kW:
Heating consumption, kW:1.65
Energy class:A++/A++
Heating noise level, dB (A):
22 / 33/ 41 / 48
Internal dimensions (h / d / w), mm:
305 x 920 x 220
External dimensions (h / d / w), mm:640 x 800(+71) x 290
R32 / 675
Price VAT included:BGN 4 299



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