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SCM 100 ZM-S is an outdoor unit for a multi-split system with a nominal cooling capacity of 10.0 kW, suitable for connecting up to five indoor units.

General Details

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SCM 100 ZM-S

for five rooms

  • Multi-split systems allow one outdoor unit to serve a wide range of different combinations with up to six indoor units. There are eight models of outdoor units from 6.0 kW to 12.5 kW.
    Our new models, SCM 40 ~ 125 ZM-S achieve the highest SEER / SCOP values ​​in the industry. The outdoor units use a new modern compressor with a new inverter control (Vector control) and a new shape of the lamellas of the heat exchanger. The SRK series indoor units are the latest series suitable for single and multi-systems using the new heat exchanger and improved airflow system.
SCM 100 ZM-S
Cooling capacity, kW:10.0 (1.8-12.0)
Heating capacity, kW:
12.0 (1.5-13.5)
Cooling consumption, kW: 2.86 (0.65-4.03)
Heating consumption, kW: 2.93 (0.70-3.40)
EER/COP: 3.50/4.10
Energy class:A+
Cooling noise level, dB (A): 56
Heating noise level, dB (A): 59
Internal dimensions (h / d / w), mm:
External dimensions (h / d / w), mm:945 x 970(+73) x 370
Price VAT included:BGN 7 489.00



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