FDTC 50 VH / SRC 50 ZSX-W1

4 017,59 лв.

FDTC 50 VH / SRC 50 ZSX-W1 is a compact hyper inverter cassette air conditioning system for installation in a raster suspended ceiling with a nominal cooling capacity of 5.0 kW.

General Details

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

FDTC 50 VH / SRC 50 ZSX-W1

  • They are suitable for air conditioning of rooms with suspended ceilings.
  • Ensure even air supply in 4 directions.
  • The FDTC models have a compact design and are extremely suitable for installation in a raster suspended ceiling 60 x 60 cm.
  • The price of the kit does NOT include the panel, remote and additional options.
  • Panel and remote control are required components. They are selected additionally from the options available for the model. There are 8 options when selecting a panel and three options when selecting a remote control. (See Related Products tab).

mitsubishi heavy industries fdtc 50 vh src 50 zsx w1 for suspended ceiling air conditioning

FDTC 50 VH / SRC 50 ZSX-W1
Cooling capacity, kW:5.0 (1.1-5.6)
Heating capacity, kW:
5.4 (0.6-6.3)
Cooling consumption, kW: 1.56
Heating consumption, kW: 1.46
EER/COP: 3.21/3.72
SEER/SCOP: 6.01/3.85
Energy class: A+/A
Cooling noise level, dB (A): 30 / 36 / 42
Heating noise level, dB (A): 32 / 36 / 32
Internal dimensions (h / d / w), mm:
248 x 570 x 570
External dimensions (h / d / w), mm:640 x 800 (+71) x 290
Price VAT included:BGN 4 017,59



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