FDT 100 VH / FDC 100 VNP-W

6 639,52 лв.

FDT 100 VH / FDC 100 VNP-W is a standard inverter cassette air conditioning system for suspended ceiling installation with a nominal cooling capacity of 10.0 kW.

General Details

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

FDT 100 VH / FDC 100 VNP-W

  • They are suitable for air conditioning of rooms with suspended ceilings.
  • Ensure even air supply in 4 directions.
  • FDT models have the ability to individually adjust the inclination of the valves.
  • They provide powerful air flow, which makes them suitable for rooms up to 5 m high.
  • The price of the kit does NOT include the panel, remote control and additional options. Panel and remote control are required components. They are selected additionally from the options available for the model. There are 8 options when selecting a panel and three options when selecting a remote control. (See Related Products tab).
FDT 100 VH / FDC 100 VNP-W
Cooling capacity, kW:10,0 (2,1 – 10,2)
Heating capacity, kW:
10,0 (1,7 – 10,4)
Cooling consumption, kW: 2.67
Heating consumption, kW: 2.19
EER/COP: 3.37/4.11
SEER/SCOP: 6.73/4.11
Energy class: A++/A+
Cooling noise level, dB (A): 31 / 37 / 39
Heating noise level, dB (A): 31 / 37 / 39
Internal dimensions (h / d / w), mm:
298 x 840 x 840
External dimensions (h / d / w), mm:750 x 880 x 340
Price VAT included:BGN 6 639,52



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