FDF 71 VD1 / FDC 71 VNP

5 192,64 лв.

FDF 71 VD1 / FDC 71 VNP is a standard inverter column air conditioning system with a nominal cooling capacity of 7.1 kW.

General Details

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

FDF 71 VD1 / FDC 71 VNP

  • Possibility to operate on single-phase or three-phase current.
  • The wide and powerful air flow provides comfort throughout the room.
    In combination with our high-tech outdoor units, high efficiency is achieved.
  • The freon route and drainage can be performed in 4 directions, which makes our floor units extremely flexible in terms of installation and allows great flexibility in technical solutions.
    Easy transport and installation are determined by the slim design (Depth: 320 mm).
  • The surface of the heat exchanger is easily reached after removing only the front panel when cleaning is required.
FDF 71 VD1 / FDC 71 VNP
Cooling capacity, kW:7.1 (1.4-7.1)
Heating capacity, kW:
7.1 (1.0-7.1)
Cooling consumption, kW: 2.63
Heating consumption, kW: 2.08
EER/COP: 2.70/3.41
Energy class:
Cooling noise level, dB (A): 33 / 35 / 39
Heating noise level, dB (A): 33 / 35 / 39
Internal dimensions (h / d / w), mm:
1850 x 600 x 320
External dimensions (h / d / w), mm:640 x 800 x 290
Price VAT included:BGN 5 192,64

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