Chiller Units/CyberCool 1

Cooling with water cooling units for OUTDOOR INSTALLATION.

General Details

CyberCool 1 – Cooling with water cooling units for outdoor installation

With a cooling capacity of up to 235 kW per unit, CyberCool 1 delivers precision climate solutions for database centers with water-cooled units, thus providing the basis for reliable internal circular cooling.

CyberCool Applications 1

  • Medium database centers
  • Premises in the IT sector
  • Indirect Free Cooling – a method for cooling with indirect use of cold from outside air (through an intermediate refrigerant – ethylene glycol solution)
  • Outdoor applications

Advantages of CyberCool 1

  • Reduces life cycle costs by up to 40% by strategically switching between Free Cooling, Mix and Compressor Cooling modes
  • Maximum cooling capacity with minimum carbon footprint
  • Quiet, highly efficient scroll compressor
  • Easy, fast installation and startup 
  • ERP compliance – this product meets the efficiency values ​​according to ErP 2018

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Chiller Units/CyberCool 1
Cooling capacity (kW):

36 – 235

Models in the series:


Dimensions (H x W x D):

Min. 1 945×2 500×1 350 mm.

Max. 2 125×4 000×1 500 mm.


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