November 26, 2021

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ new SRK-ZSX wins prestigious international award

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ new SRK-ZSX air conditioner has won the prestigious Silver A’ Design Award. For many years, the award has served as an international recognition of products with superior design.

Brief information about the competition

The A’ Design Award is an extremely prestigious international award in the field of design, which was created after a number of research studies based on thousands of design competitions, trends and brands. Its goal is to recognize the leading innovative and design solutions in many different categories internationally.

More than 1,000 candidates compete for the global design award each year, and a special jury of proven judges evaluates the appearance of products in several main categories – aesthetics, workmanship, distribution and impact on nature. Thus, although at first glance the emphasis is on the aesthetics and appearance of the product, in many cases the focus shifts to the practical side.

A little more about the SRK-ZSX

The design of the new air conditioners from the ZSX series, which managed to impress the jury of the competition, was created by an Italian industrial design studio. Air conditioning systems have rounded contours, which helps to fit comfortably into any interior. Apart from being extremely stylish and with a timeless vision, the SRK-ZSX series also impresses with its parameters.

The new wall-mounted SRK-ZSX hyperinverter air conditioners from the Diamond series achieve extremely high energy efficiency and are characterized by the highest seasonal energy rating according to European directives (A +++)

They are also equipped with a sensor for human activity and a movable panel for the incoming air. They feature a new double valve that optimizes the airflow to create maximum comfort by controlling the horizontal and long-range airflow in cooling mode (up to 17m) and the strong and downward airflow in heating mode.

The team of Condex Ltd. expresses its congratulations to our partners from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for winning the prestigious award.

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