November 26, 2021

MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES expands the production of air conditioning systems

Tokyo, January 25, 2017 – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd. (MTH) – part of the Mitsubishi Industries, Ltd. group (MHI) expands its production structure at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries-Mahajak Air Conditioners Co., Ltd. (MACO) – a joint venture in Thailand, for the production of air conditioning systems for domestic and commercial use. The aim of the enlargement is to enable a more flexible response to the growing global needs for quality and reliable household air conditioning. The equipment in the first two factories for assembly and production of parts will be expanded and a new third factory and workshops for electronic components will be built. The new plant and facilities are scheduled to start in early 2018, and production volume is expected to increase to 2.7 million. units in 2020, which is a 30% increase compared to 2015.

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