December 4, 2023

Save money and provide comfort at home with MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES air-water heat pumps

save money and provide comfort at home with mitsubishi heavy industries air water heat pumps

As the seasons change, providing efficient heating and hot water at home becomes an increasingly topical topic for everyone. As a result, many people are beginning to look for alternative forms of domestic heating that are not only efficient but also economical. Heat pumps provide an excellent opportunity to save, because they use the ability to transfer heat from one place to another. They quickly heat water, which is then fed into the heating system via radiators, air convectors or underfloor heating. According to specialists in the sector, they are becoming an increasingly preferred choice by households and are replacing a large part of existing heating solutions. The costs of heating with them are defined as lower than those of heating with natural gas. 

Find out how Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ innovative HYDROLUTION system works

HYDROLUTION air-to-water heat pumps from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are distinguished by an innovative working principle, with which they extract maximum energy from the surrounding air. This virtually unlimited renewable energy source serves as a key element and ensures heating, cooling and water heating, providing a practical combination of services in one. The system provides a sense of a pleasant atmosphere while at the same time helping to reduce carbon emissions. An impressive fact is that HYDROLUTION is capable of producing up to 4.27 kWh of heat energy, consuming only 1 kWh of electrical energy! By comparison, with conventional sources, the ratio of consumed to used energy is one to one. Thanks to the specially designed compressor, which is effective even at low outside temperatures down to -20°C, you can be sure that it will withstand even the most severe winter conditions and you will have heat and hot water at all times. 

save money and provide comfort at home with mitsubishi heavy industries air water heat pumps

Rely on hot water up to 65°C

With the domestic hot water boiler option, you will enjoy hot water up to 65°C whenever you want. The water temperature is heated by the compressor to 58°C, but if you want higher degrees and a larger amount of hot water, an additional built-in electric heater is included. 

Universal use in all spaces

To ensure cozy evenings with loved ones, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries heat pumps easily heat and cool apartments, villas and houses of various sizes. The innovative solution is ideal both for new buildings and for the renovation of existing heating installations in order to reduce energy costs and achieve a pleasant water temperature at all times throughout your home.

Integration and sharing with other installations

One of the key advantages is the possibility of integration and joint use with existing heating installations. Ensuring a smooth transition to a more modern and efficient way of heating and maintaining hot water adapts to the already existing infrastructure, providing convenience and flexibility. HYDROLUTION can be combined with an oil boiler, gas, pellets, wood or solar energy, and the heat pump’s intelligent controller will activate the additional heat source only when needed. In addition, they are easy to install and operate because the indoor and outdoor units are compact and make their installation as easy as possible.

Always connected to the system via Internet

With a convenient controller compatible with the myUplink Internet function, you are always connected to your system. At the same time, you can enjoy peace of mind with the quiet mode, which reduces heating noise levels. By limiting the frequency of the compressor and the fan, the heat pump works quietly and at the same time ensures an optimal temperature in your home.

Choose the future for your heating and hot water

Combining convenience and economical operation, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries HYDROLUTION air-to-water heat pumps keep homes warm in winter, cool in summer and always with hot water available! In light of the growing demands for energy efficiency and the drive for sustainable technologies, this system is the key to a modern and responsible lifestyle.

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