September 5, 2023

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ design award-winning FDTC-VH series promotes energy-efficient and sustainable air conditioning


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ FDTC-VH series ceiling cassette models offer high-end energy efficiency and overhead optimization to commercial and business facilities, promoting more sustainable air conditioning. The product range developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is the winner of the prestigious European GOLDEN A DESIGN AWARD in the “Engineering and Technical Design” category. The FDTC-VH series is designed with a focus on providing comfort and ensuring comfortable use with low operating costs. The new models are also produced with R32 freon. By switching to it, in practice, less energy is needed to achieve the desired temperature. In addition, the improved refrigerant registers a 70% lower global warming potential (GWP) compared to R410A freon.

Elegant design tailored to any space

The ceiling air conditioning systems of the Japanese manufacturer provide dynamic cooling and heating for a wide variety of commercial establishments, small or medium-sized offices, fitness centers and restaurants. The FDTC-VH series features a compact panel size of 620 x 620 mm, making it easy to install. The cassette fits perfectly with standard suspended ceilings, and adds elegance to any space. They come in a modern white finish and come with a honeycomb panel design. They are also available in a black panel version. 


Comfort and reliable energy saving

FDTC-VH series is designed to significantly increase the feeling of a pleasant atmosphere in closed rooms. All models are offered as standard with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ patented “AirFlex” technology. The units are also equipped with an optional draft prevention panel with improved flexible flap control that prevents cold and hot drafts from blowing directly at people. Depending on the room temperature, 4 individual directions of the flaps can be selected for uniform air conditioning of the room. 

The models have another option – a motion sensor that detects human presence and activity level based on a preset work algorithm. For example, in cooling mode, when the device registers presence with reduced activity, it promptly activates economy mode. In case of high activity of people in the room, the system switches to permanent operation. If there is no movement for an hour, the machine switches to stand by mode, and if there is no activity for more than 12 hours, it turns off. Thus, the built-in motion sensor automatically adjusts its operation, which not only saves unnecessary energy use but also promotes higher energy efficiency.

Тиха и приятна атмосфера с fdtc-vh

Quiet and pleasant atmosphere

In addition, FDTC-VH ceiling air conditioning systems feature significantly reduced and refined noise levels for a pleasant and quiet environment. This offers the workers in the room a comfortable environment where they can more easily focus on their tasks. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries achieves all this thanks to a turbo fan, improved heat exchanger performance, a DC fan motor and a DC drain pump. These updates not only ensure more comfort and peace of mind, but also precise airflow and power control.

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