November 26, 2021

Meet Heavy San

meet heavy san

Everyone has heard of the brave samurai who have defended the Japanese people for centuries. They were the strongest warriors, and their honor and glory spread far beyond the borders of the homeland. Or maybe you’ve heard of me – Heavy San (“gentleman” in Japanese)? My story also begins in the country of the rising sun, and like the samurai, I also protect people. My most important mission is to protect them from the cold winter, summer heat and high bills. 

My superpower is hidden in my name, and in the roots of the lands where I was born, my honor. I am not afraid of rains and storms, the hot sun or the piercing wind. I can be in thousands of places at once and change the temperature. I never allow the cold to approach my lands, and I cool the heat with just one touch.

Wondering how it is possible? You may already be guessing that I have a faithful helper. Thanks to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners and heat pumps, I fulfill every wish for the ideal temperature. I quickly and easily create a healthy environment and comfort for the whole family. I move with the air flow of the air conditioner and so I reach even the most remote corners. I can handle low temperatures even below -20 °C or extremely high temperatures above 40° C.

If you are wondering where to find me, I will tell you. On Condex.bg I have a special page where I give advice on the right model of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for you. I can tell you so much about air conditioning. In Japan, quality and tradition are at the heart of everything, as is the case with our air conditioners. Honestly, what I like the most is that they are very quiet because I like to take a nap in the afternoon. People prefer them because they are economical and efficient, and their design is modern, in three beautiful colors.

And have I been to your home? I will admit that this is my favorite moment. Sometimes I have disagreements with pets, especially with a fluffy cat that often hangs out with me. But I know how to handle it. Together we choose the ideal temperature and he immediately comes to my side… Watch how happy he starts purring…

In the office my duties are increasing. There are often contradictions about room temperature between colleagues. Women usually like to be warmer. The men play a trick on them and reduce the temperature of the air conditioner. Classic… Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, even I know it. Don’t worry, Heavy San can handle this case as well. With the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries intelligent air conditioning control function, everyone is happy again, and I have time to fulfill new wishes.

Well, that’s it for now.

Find me at condex.bg.

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