November 26, 2021

Is there a difference in the energy efficiency of air conditioners designed for the European market and those for the Japanese?

енергоефективността на климатиците

For a long time in Bulgaria there is an opinion that the Japanese air conditioners produced for the EU have lower indicators than those produced for the Japanese market. Is that so? In our opinion – no and we will try to explain to you why this statement is false, misleading and misleading.

Each product that is produced for a particular market must meet the standards and regulations of the market for which it is intended. Air conditioners manufactured for the Japanese market must meet the following Japanese standards: JIS C 9612: 2013 and JIS 9612: 2005, and those for the EU – to EN 14825: 2016. These are the standards by which the coefficients for seasonal (EU) or annual (JIS) energy efficiency of air conditioners are calculated.

The following two tables provide data on the energy efficiency of air conditioners intended for the Japanese market and those intended for the EU.

енергоефективността на климатиците

In Japan, manufacturers are required by the standard to indicate the total (cooling + heating) electricity consumption of the air conditioner, ie. for one year of work how much electricity would you spend. In our case, the “Japanese” air conditioner in Japan will consume 685 kWh of electricity per year. It should be borne in mind here that Japan, like Europe, is divided into climatic regions. The energy efficiency data provided by the manufacturers are for the Tokyo region. For other climatic regions, these data are multiplied by correction factors which are as follows: Sapporo (3.1), Sendai (1.6), Tokyo (1.0), Osaka (1.2), Fukuoka (1, 1), Naha (0.6).

European standards require air conditioning manufacturers to indicate separately the seasonal consumption of the air conditioner in its cooling operation and separately in its heating operation. These data should also be adapted to European climatic conditions. In our case, an air conditioner manufactured for the EU and operating in the temperate European climate zone would spend 92 kWh for cooling and 781 kWh for heating in one season. Or a total of one year of operation, the air conditioner will consume 873 kWh of electricity.

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