November 26, 2021

How do different zodiac signs cope with heating in winter

An interesting analysis of methods and ways of heating in winter, according to different zodiac signs




The representatives of the Aries zodiac sign are homemakers by nature and for them the excellent temperature conditions are fundamental in creating your own home. Those born under this sign are ready to go through all the difficulties to reach their ultimate goal – a warm winter at home, regardless of outside temperatures. Aries are not interested in the amount of electricity consumed and tend to pay more in the name of their inner comfort.


Those born between April 19 and May 20 are famous for their connection with nature. It is typical for Tauruses that hot blood flows in their veins, so do not be surprised if their home is 2-3 degrees cooler. It is important for them to maintain a normal room temperature in the bedroom and do not like the heat, which does not affect them well and makes them irritable throughout the day.



Gemini are extremely adaptable creatures. They are flexible, broad-minded and extremely tactful. It is important for them to always be warm in their home, but they tend to compromise on behalf of others – they do not impose their opinion and are willing to sacrifice their personal comfort if a representative of another zodiac sign asks them to. A curious detail about those born in the zodiac of Gemini is that when they are alone, they often set the temperature to be above 24 degrees.


Representatives of the watermark have a strong sense of ownership. Do not be surprised if you notice that the remote control of the air conditioner is always with them. If you do not like the temperature in the room, it is better not to reprimand them, because crabs do not like criticality and are unlikely to comply with your requirements. As for the degrees – it all depends on their current mood and emotional state in which they are.


Leo loves the heat in winter, as the ruling star of this zodiac sign is the Sun. Whether the temperatures outside are freezing or slightly above zero, they want to feel at home as if they are in the middle of summer. If heated with air conditioning, lions usually want to place one in each room to ensure the temperatures they need.



For those born in Virgo, the heat during the winter half of the year is vital. Representatives of this sign are cold-blooded and prefer to keep outings to a minimum. If they have the opportunity, Virgos would spend the whole winter season on a remote tropical island, but at home in front of the fireplace or air conditioner is also a good option for them. The company of a loved one will further contribute to their good mood during the hot months.


Cardinality and an innate sense of justice in Libra make them one of the most caring signs in the zodiac. Those born under this constellation keep everyone around them feeling fully cared for, so the temperature in their home can often be even higher than necessary. In winter, Libra often falls into a melancholy state, and the comfort and warmth of home, combined with a glass of red wine, good food and favorite music are the key to their winter happiness.



According to astrology, people born under the sign of Scorpio are one of the most independent and determined people. When it comes to heating in the winter, Scorpios do not rely on chance. They are meticulous and rely on quality, so often in their homes you can come across air conditioners of the highest class.



Sagittarians are believed to carry the warmth within them, and the harsh winter does not bother them, as they were born in the last part of the year – between November 23 and December 22. Like Gemini, Sagittarius is an easily adaptable creature and is not affected by climate fluctuations. If you ever notice a lightly dressed person in the middle of winter – do not hesitate, he is a shooter. Their ruling planet is Jupiter, which undoubtedly contributes to their worldview.


Under the influence of Saturn, those born under the sign of Capricorn are traditionalists. They are not afraid of the cold, on the contrary. For them, the perfect winter vacation consists of skiing in the mountains and a cup of hot tea in front of the fireplace. Their element is “Earth”, so they are close to nature, honor and respect it. Capricorn’s home is always warm and cozy.



Aquarius is a perfect combination of extremes – like an angel and a devil in one skin. They are characterized by the fact that they hold on to their own comfort and do not compromise with it. Do not be surprised if you invite a friend Aquarius, and he asked you what you heat and what is the temperature in your home. Their element is the air, which makes them lovers of freedom. Usually in their home the air conditioner is rarely turned off.



Pisces collects less than all the other 11 zodiac signs. They have a bright personality and independent temperament. Although the fish is an animal that lives in cold waters, the representatives of the zodiac do not like the cold at all, unless they are high in the mountains, in the performance of another winter adventure. In the home hearth of fish you can often feel temperatures higher than normal in a household. Even if you give them advice that it is too hot, they will rarely listen to it, as their motto is “I believe”.

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