November 26, 2021

Get acquainted with the central air conditioning systems – VRF from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

The systems Excellent energy efficient heating and cooling solutions, suitable for small and medium-sized as well as large industrial, commercial and residential buildings.

get acquainted with the central air conditioning systems vrf from mitsubishi heavy industries

Looking for a way to meet all your climate needs?

Familiarize yourself with direct air conditioning systems with direct refrigerant evaporation (VRF). They are the latest generation of air conditioning systems, providing a high level of energy efficiency, automation and comfort. They are characterized by a wide operating temperature range, in which they are maximally effective from -20 ° С in heating mode to + 46 ° С in cooling mode. Another advantage is that they allow up to 80 indoor units to be connected to one modular compact outdoor unit, and up to 256 indoor units and 48 outdoor units to be controlled in one system. The variety of types of indoor units helps to easily configure the system according to specific needs. The listed advantages make this type of installations for central air conditioning, with variable flow rate of the refrigerant, a preferred choice for many of our customers in air conditioning of office buildings, hotels, restaurants, single-family homes and more.

CONDEX started back in 1998 with the installation of the first VRF system in Bulgaria, and since then over 400 such systems have been delivered and installed. Their total capacity is 18 megawatts, of which:

2,300kW in bank offices of clients, including FiBank, UniCredit Bulbank, DSK Bank, Central Cooperative Bank, Bulgarian National Bank and others.
2,000 kW in hotels of clients, including Best Western City Hotel – Sofia, Hotel Evridika – Devin, Hotel Musala – Varna and others.
4,300kW in office and administrative buildings, hospitals and medical centers, TV studios of clients, including MTel, Siemens and government buildings.
9 800kW in productions, buildings, cultural monuments, restaurants, single-family houses, etc.
The new KXZ systems from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are now available on the market, featuring intelligent control and a newly developed VTCC (Variable Temperature and Capacity Control) energy-saving function. It provides up to 34% energy savings in both operating modes – cooling and heating compared to previous models of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. With this significant energy saving, you can quickly achieve a return on your investment.

Watch the video and learn about VRF central air conditioning systems from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries here:

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