November 26, 2021

Factors for good sleep: How does choosing the right air conditioner ensure good sleep for your child?

factors for good sleep how does choosing the right air conditioner ensure good sleep for your child

Healthy sleep factors: How choosing the right air conditioner ensures a good night’s sleep for your child?

Imagine it is a Tuesday night and you had a grueling working day. It is already 10 pm and you have spent two hours trying to convince your child it is time to go to bed. Does it sound familiar? Every night, thousands of parents face the same thing – from the usual excuse “I just wanted some water” to our favorite “I can’t sleep”. A familiar situation in which you convince your child that he or she should go to bed, and this is not an easy task.

We can all agree sleep is very important for the health and development of our children. Their mood, behavior, concentration and emotions are related to how much sleep they get each night. But not only that – the child’s sleep is also an important factor in the relationship between children and parents.

Professor Sarah Blunden, head of pediatric sleep research at the University of Central Queensland and a clinical psychologist, believes there is no magic number for the “need for sleep” and the most effective hours of rest are divided into three age groups.

As expected, babies up to 12 months of age need the most rest, between 14 and 18 hours during the day and night. Young children should sleep within 12-14 hours a day, and primary school children’s need for sleep is reduced to 10-12 hours a day.

Although there are various suggestions on how parents can provide their child with optimal rest, one of the most important factors that guarantees good and quality sleep is the most comfortable bedroom.

Maintaining the ideal temperature in the nursery throughout the year so that it is not too hot or cold is also one of the conditions. You probably haven’t thought about it, but your air conditioner is one of the best ways to create optimal conditions in the room for a good night’s sleep.

Brands on the market continue to research and develop new ways to ensure that your air conditioner is the perfect accessory for a good night’s sleep. Here are the main functions of air conditioners that create comfort and peace of mind when controlling the temperature for your kids:

  • Quiet operation for a period of time, when the device will work with reduced noise levels so as not to interrupt the child’s sleep at night.
  • Energy efficient eco sensor that detects the movement of children at night and accordingly regulates the temperature settings.
  • Reducing LED display brightness of the indoor unit and minimizing the device interference in the bedroom.
  • Child safety lock – locking the remote control of your air conditioner will prevent your child from changing the settings.
  • Allergen-deactivating system and self-cleaning function to capture allergens in the air, such as hair, pollen and dust particles to ensure cleanliness and fresh air in the nursery.

Fortunately, there is a dream air-conditioning system with all these features – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ Diamond ZSX series. In addition to special options for children, these air conditioners have a high energy efficiency class A++ and are available in three designer colors.

The Diamond ZSX series is reliable and highly efficient and features Wi-fi control, so you can relax in the other room and at the same time monitor your child’s environment via a phone or tablet.

From now on, let the air conditioner be the only one that wakes up at night, and parents who are lucky, may get an extra hour or two of sleep at night.

Source: https://mhiaa.com.au/how-choosing-the-right-air-conditioner-can-ensure-good-nights-sleep-for-your-child/

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