November 26, 2021

CONDEX awarded high school graduates from PGTE

As every year, this year the graduates of the Henry Ford Vocational School of Transport and Energy in Sofia participated in the annual internship program of CONDEX, which allows them to gain invaluable experience in the field of air conditioning and apply theoretical knowledge in practice.

This year we also had the pleasure to attend the graduation of the 2017 high school graduates of PGTE “Henry Ford”. During the festive event, an employee of the company awarded the twelfth-graders from the class specializing in the study of refrigeration and air conditioning with excellent results.

Our team thanks PGTE for the cooperation and established good practices and wishes success in the future personal and professional development of talented young people. We wish them to continue their education in order to be successful in our field. It was a great pleasure for us and good luck!

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