November 26, 2021

Advanced HVAC technologies for a changing world

Balancing innovation and sustainability of the global environment

All companies in the Mitsubishi community share common views and a strong sense of corporate responsibility which dates back 140 years. One of their three key principles – “Shoki Hoko” – responsibility to society – is particularly important in a world where we strive for balance between creating innovative inventions and protecting the environment. By providing Sustainable Energy * and through its Strategic Planning and Environment division, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is working to ensure a stable future for people to live in safely and securely, with technologies that help ensure the sustainability of humanity – for a better environment, society, economy. The Q-ton air-to-water heat pump is a great example of how these ideals are becoming a reality.

In the face of the first manufacturer to use carbon dioxide as a refrigerant, MHI is paving the way for sustainable development in the HVAC industry. The ozone-depleting potential of Q-ton is zero (ODP = 0) and the global warming potential is 1.0 (GWP = 1) – the lowest possible result ever achieved.

This heat pump is not only the right step towards reducing emissions, but “Q-ton” also offers significant savings in operating costs. For example, Lancaster Hall in London now saves 40% of its operating costs and reduces carbon emissions by 45%.

In addition, our new series of wall-mounted air conditioners SRK-ZSX offers very high efficiency in cooling and heating. The fan with a new blade design requires less energy consumption than previous models, and efficiency is increased by 5%. The new ZSX heat exchanger, with its unique M-shaped lamellas, further increases efficiency by another 10%.

advanced hvac technologies for a changing world

The engineering and design characteristics of Q-ton and SRK ZSX show how MHI achieves both reduced operating costs and energy savings, as well as a balance between innovation and sustainability. We look forward to sharing more examples of how MHI offers progressive solutions in HVAC technology in order to meet the global challenges of a changing world.

  • “Sustainable Energy” means responding effectively to current needs so as not to jeopardize the ability of future generations to provide energy. There are two key components – renewable energy and energy efficiency.



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