CONDEX JSC. was established in 1993 with main activity – full engineering in the field of air conditioning, ventilation and heating. The company performs research, design, delivery, installation and service, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of installations and is among the leading specialized companies in the field of air conditioning on the Bulgarian market.


  1. Delivery

    CONDEX JSC. is an official importer for Bulgaria of air conditioning equipment MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, Japan, and of precision air conditioning equipment STULZ, Germany. The company has its own warehouse and maintains stocks of all major models. You can check the availability or delivery time of your chosen model by contacting us via the contact form.

  2. Consultations

    CONDEX JSC. offers free consultations in the field of air conditioning. In the office of the company you can choose the most suitable air conditioner for you with the help of experienced engineers in the field.

  3. Installation

    CONDEX JSC. has highly qualified installation teams with extensive experience in the field of air conditioning. The company has built long-term relationships with established companies for installation of air conditioning equipment in all major cities in the country. You can see the list of our distributors here.

    The prices for installation of CONDEX JSC. are as follows:

    • Installation of a split system with nominal power up to 3.9 kW and 3 m pipeline – BGN 350 incl. VAT.
    • Installation of a split system with nominal power from 4.0 kW to 6.3 kW and 3 m pipeline – BGN 380 incl. VAT
    • Installation of a split system with nominal power over 6.3 kW to 8 kW and 3 m pipeline – BGN 420 incl VAT.
    • Installation of a split system with a nominal power of 10.0 kW and 3 m pipeline – BGN 550 incl VAT.
    • Puting of an additional pipe bundle for split systems with power up to 5.0 kW – BGN 50 / lm incl VAT.
    • Puting of an additional pipe bundle for split systems with power over 5.1 kW – BGN 65 / lm incl VAT.
    • Puting of a PVC cable duct 6 x 6 cm – BGN 42 / lm incl VAT
    • Digging a pipe bundle into walls (without concrete) – BGN 40 / lm incl VAT
    • Installation of laid pipes (20-63) – 270 BGN incl VAT
    • Nitrogen purging – 60 BGN incl VAT
    • Condensation bath with heater – 180 BGN incl VAT
    • Condensation bath without heater – 120 BGN incl VAT
    • Additional services – installation with a boom lift, installation outside Sofia, etc. – on additional request.

  4. Subscription support

    CONDEX JSC. offers subscription support for air conditioning systems.

  5. Services

    CONDEX JSC. provides full warranty and post-warranty service of all air conditioners purchased by the company.


The main principle that guides us in our business is quality performance with quality equipment. Our goal is to find the most optimal, modern and cost-effective technical solution, according to the individual requirements of the client for each building, office, shop, home or business. CONDEX JSC. has successfully proven itself as one of the most reliable partners in Bulgaria for precise, secure and innovative air conditioning in the field of Information and Communication Technologies.

The high level of service, professionalism and loyalty are the foundation of the trust and long-term relationships we have built with our customers and partners.

The company employs over 30 qualified specialists. They are assembled in different teams: Trade, Technical, Design, Logistics, Assembly, Service and Warehouse.

Our team consists of highly qualified engineers and technicians who specialize in the training centers of manufacturers. CONDEX JSC. offers installation in short notices. It has its own service network in the country and is able to provide 24-hour service, as well as response up to 6 hours in case of an accident.

It is the policy of CONDEX JSC. to work with proven loyal and highly qualified companies and partners, providing its clients with professional service in all parts of the country. There are established regional centers in larger cities, as well as a well-organized distribution network throughout the country.

Kлючови моменти

Short history of the company


Celebrating 30 years since the creation of CONDEX and the transformation of the company into CONDEX JSC


25 years CONDEX Ltd.

Celebration of 25 years since the establishment of CONDEX Ltd. The balance sheet shows that for the period from the establishment of the company until 2018 we have put into operation over 100,000 RAC devices – air conditioning for home and office. We have implemented over 400 projects in the field of central air conditioning (KX systems), with a total capacity exceeding 18 megawatts. Over the last 25 years, we have delivered, installed and maintained over 350 STULZ precision air conditioning systems with a total capacity of over 14 megawatts.


20 years CONDEX Ltd.

Official opening and consecration of our new building and celebration of the 20th anniversary of CONDEX Ltd.


New building

In an effort to meet the high requirements for quality and efficiency of our clients’ services, CONDEX Ltd. has built a new business building of its own, with a logistics center and a modern warehouse, located on Okolovrasten Pat Street between Bulgaria Blvd. and Cherni Vrah Blvd.

Ноември, 2008

Quality management

CONDEX Ltd. presents an implemented quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2000.


New warehouse

The company has its own warehouse with a convenient location near Sofia. This allows the maintenance of constant stocks, as well as faster and more reliable delivery.


Distributor of Stulz GmbH

CONDEX Ltd.  becomes an exclusive representative of the German company STULZ GmbH – a leading global manufacturer of precision air conditioning equipment. The company’s employees are constantly improving their skills by annually participating in seminars on the latest innovations in the field of precision air conditioning, organized by STULZ GmbH, Hamburg, Germany.



CONDEX Ltd. is an official representative, importer and authorized warranty and post-warranty service for the products of the Japanese concern  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Air-Conditioner Division. The specialists of CONDEX Ltd. annually train and increase their knowledge and practical skills at seminars organized by the manufacturer of air conditioning equipmentMitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. in their technical centers in Europe and Japan.