November 26, 2021

A new series of cassette air conditioners won the award for best design

a new series of cassette air conditioners won the award for best design

New series of high-efficiency cassette air conditioning systems wins 2016 Good Design Award for Best Design

Tokyo, October 3, 2016

The new series of high-efficiency air conditioning systems, cassette type, developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd. (President: Kaoru Kusumoto, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo) – part of MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD., won the 2016 Good Design Award (awarded by the Japan Design Institute) for best design in 2016.

The new series of indoor units, a four-way cassette type for suspended ceiling mounting, won the award for best design, thanks to its high efficiency, improved performance and low fan noise, as well as a new panel design that perfectly complements the interior and has larger air vents for better air exchange. In addition, the series features AirFlex *, the industry’s first mechanism to reduce discomfort and provide better customer comfort. “AirFlex” maintains integration with the panel during operation, and when the air conditioner is turned off, it goes inside for a better appearance. Also, AirFlex does not allow dust to spread in the room, which keeps the air clean.

Background to the development of AirFlex

The aim was to create such a cassette air conditioner that would reduce currents – a problem that has existed for many years and has become a major complaint of users of cassette-type models. Also, to develop an indoor unit with an unobtrusive design.

Comments from the evaluators in the committee “Good Design Award”

Air conditioning systems need to blow cold air to cool the room, but some users find it unpleasant to feel the cold current on them. To avoid this, this product uses valves that are retracted when not in operation and come out when needed, controlling airflow. This mechanism, resembling the wings of an airplane, offers both high efficiency and attractive appearance, which makes it a product with superior design.

About the awards for best design

The Good Design Award is the only comprehensive design and quality assessment in Japan that dates back to the Good Design Products Selection System, founded in 1957. Over the past six decades, this award has become an initiative to improve Japanese industry and standard of living through design, with a total of 43,000 awards so far. Today, it is a global design award involving many Japanese and international companies and organizations. The “G” brand, a symbol of the “Good Design Award”, has become a well-known label for excellent design.

* The name “AirFlex” is used only in Japan.

Press Information: http://www.mhi-global.com/news/story/1610032016.html

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