November 26, 2021

6 tips for efficient air conditioning management and lower electricity bills

6 tips for efficient air conditioning management and lower electricity bills


When we talk about heating, we think of the common notion that electricity bills are always high and scary, even when it comes to heating with air conditioning. This expectation is completely wrong, as modern air conditioners are designed to be as energy efficient as possible, and many of them have additional modes such as “economy” and “night”, which further help save electricity.


In the following lines, our experts share some tips that would be useful for you to maintain a warm home with lower electricity bills.


Ensure good thermal insulation at home


Yes, we start with the factors from afar, but in fact the insulation of the house or apartment has a major “role” in home heating. Whether you heat with air conditioning, heating, heater, etc., poor insulation is to blame for the higher consumption of energy resources, and therefore for higher bills during the season.


Our advice is to insulate your home with quality materials, thus increasing your temperature comfort and reducing your heating bills. According to various studies, good insulation could halve heat loss in living spaces.


Make sure you have quality windows


It is well known that old windows let in a lot of heat during the cold months. So instead of paying unnecessary bills, invest in high quality profiles and glazing. They have a long life and will significantly reduce heat loss and create better living conditions at home.


Close doors and windows


It often happens that we unknowingly leave the doors of the heated room open or do so because we want to heat another adjacent room. Such actions are not recommended, as they would only increase the capacity of the air conditioner, and therefore the electricity used.


Ventilating your home is important for creating a healthy environment, but we do not recommend doing it constantly when you are actively heating. It is best to open the windows in the morning and evening for a while.


Check the amount of refrigerant and the condition of the filters and heat exchangers of the air conditioner


To protect yourself from unwanted problems such as refrigerant leaks or filter contamination during the cold months, it is advisable to check or prevent the condition of the air conditioner frequently. Both factors are important for the efficiency of the air conditioner, because if the filters are dirty or clogged with dust, the air conditioner will reduce its productivity, which leads to an increase in electricity consumption. On the other hand, the right amount of refrigerant is necessary for the proper operation of the air conditioner. In case there is a difference between the required and the actual amount of refrigerant, this will increase the power consumption.


Familiarize yourself with air conditioning modes and learn how to use them properly


Most air conditioners have many setting options, one of which is the “Economy” mode. It will reduce the power of the air conditioner so that the preset heating temperature is reached a bit slower. On the other hand, you will save on your electricity costs.


If you are considering buying an air conditioner, it is advisable to pay attention to its features to save energy and comfort. For example, the “Premium” and “Diamond” models of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have a wide range of features that can optimize the heating process according to your individual needs. Like:


Adaptive prediction control – the air conditioner monitors the outdoor and set indoor temperatures and automatically changes its power, predicting how the room temperature would change when the outdoor temperature changes.

Motion sensor – it detects human activity and movement. It stops working when it is not needed.

Eco operation – a special sensor monitors the room temperature and humidity to automatically control the work. Together with the motion sensor, the system allows energy-saving operation without compromising comfort.

Economy mode, which we have already mentioned – in which the air conditioner operates in energy saving mode, maintaining comfortable operation of cooling and heating.

Auto Off – automatically stops work when no activity is detected in the room for a certain period of time.

“Night Setback” – during the cold seasons, the room temperature can be kept to a minimum even when you are away for a long time, so that the room does not cool down completely. The air conditioner maintains a temperature of 10 ° C.

Sleep mode – the temperature in the room is automatically controlled at a set sleep mode, which ensures that the temperature does not become too high or low.

On / Off timer – through which you will set when the air conditioner starts or turns off automatically at a time set by you.

Weekly timer – through which you can set up to 4 timer programs to start or stop each day.

24 hour programmable on / off timer – with the combination of start and stop timer you can use two timer operations per day. Once set, the timers will start and stop the system at the specified time of day.

Description of the supported functions of the different models of air conditioners for home and office of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries:


Maintain a certain temperature throughout the day


First of all, let us mention that if you want to heat as efficiently as possible, it is desirable to use the air conditioner within normal temperature limits. For example, in the evening, when everyone is home, you can set the temperature to be between 20 ° C and 22 ° C.


However, when you are away from home, instead of turning off the air conditioner completely, it is advisable to set it to 17-18 ° C. If you leave the air conditioner on all day when you are not there, then it will be much easier to reach the desired temperature (eg 20 ° C), as the home will not be cold and the air conditioner will work normally without going into intensive mode of operation and will not need a lot of electricity to heat the room.

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