November 26, 2021

5 ways to survive the summer heat

The month of August arrived imperceptibly, as every year. Summer is a wonderful season, of course, but the truth is that it looks far more attractive than the beach. While most of our acquaintances are at sea or in the mountains and constantly post photos of their vacation on social networks, we who have stayed in the office are wondering where and how to hide from the impossible heat that has already occurred. For all those who, like us, do not cool off along the coast, we have prepared some key tips that were useful to you – get acquainted with them and use them to escape the unbearable summer heat!

Wear light and airy fabrics

5 ways to survive the summer heat

Everyone knows that black attracts light, but in fact this applies to all darker colors – brown, dark blue, gray, and all other dark tones. The clothes from this color palette will further aggravate the situation in case you have to walk, especially in the afternoon. The fabric and the cut are also important – tight clothes and artificial fabrics such as nylon, polyester, lycra do not allow ventilation and actually create a real sauna effect during more severe heat. Loose and loose clothing is a much better option, and when it comes to fabrics, linen, cotton and silk are the best option. If you wear short clothes or ones that leave a large part of your skin exposed, or you plan to spend more time outside, do not neglect sunscreen products, because they can save you a lot of trouble.

Plan your activities well outside the home

5 ways to survive the summer heat

Most people have a daily schedule that allows them to optimize their time, but in times of extremely high temperatures it is extremely important to minimize staying outside of cold rooms or those cooled by air conditioners. Combine your tasks and try to do them in the early morning or after 18.00, when the air is still quite hot, but direct sunlight is a little weaker. Also, a carefully prepared route will be of great benefit to you – if you are shopping, for example, go around the shops on the shortest route and if possible by vehicle. It is also a good idea to check the weather forecast for the coming days – this summer, for example, there are days with significant cooling – so you can reorganize all your tasks that are not super urgent and urgent on these days.

Learn the habit of water

5 ways to survive the summer heat

It seems like old and worn-out advice, and yet many people ignore this simple rule. To make sure you drink enough water, it is best to take a large bottle or fill a jug with water and put it on your desk. Many people mechanically consume fluids and food while working in front of a computer – take advantage of this feature of human psychology. Add water constantly and keep it close to you and you will find that you do not have to force yourself with 1 liter of water at once, because for hours you have not thought to consume liquids. If you are one of the people who drink more than one cup of coffee a day or you overdo the celebration the night before, the need for hydration becomes even more palpable. Double the dose and drink two bottles of water instead of one – you are guaranteed to feel the difference in productivity and overall condition.

Adjust the air conditioner properly

5 ways to survive the summer heat

And this seems like superfluous advice, but it is surprising how many people do not know the dangers of too large temperature amplitudes. During the summer heat, the air conditioner becomes the most indispensable appliance. Still, we need to know how to operate it as best we can. The pleasant coolness is very tempting, but keep in mind that differences of 10 degrees and more can be dangerous to health – for example, to get out of a very cold room and get into a hot August day is the best way to become. bad or get heat stroke. So watch the temperatures outside and inside – if it’s outside, say, 35 degrees, keep the minimum temperature in your office at 25.

Choose your food and drinks carefully

5 ways to survive the summer heat

It should be noted that at particularly high temperatures, people lose their appetite anyway and the likelihood of consuming something heavy is very small. However, strive to consciously eat lighter foods such as salads, lean foods, yogurt, cold soups and more. It is highly recommended that you avoid alcohol during the day, as it will make you lose even more fluids – replace a glass of wine with fresh or smoothie. The same applies to beverages containing caffeine with a lot of sugar – coffee, energy drinks, cola. Avoid too icy drinks and foods that can cause stomach problems. Watery fruits like watermelon and melon, on the other hand, help hydrate. You can also use the famous Arabic trick with hot tea – in many countries where high temperatures reach 40 degrees and above, drinking hot tea is a common (and quite successful) way to fight the heat.

Restore electrolyte balance

5 ways to survive the summer heat

Perhaps one of the most unpleasant effects of dehydration is the overly annoying feeling of exhaustion and lack of any energy. If you drink enough water, you will counteract dehydration, but your electrolyte balance may be disturbed anyway due to excessive fluid excretion from the body. In general, the body regulates the levels of the minerals potassium and sodium in our body, but in extreme situations it is good to help it. Consult your GP and if your health allows, you can help maintain the right balance by taking saline tablets or supplements that address this type of problem. This is especially important if you exercise actively and release even more fluids.

Bonus tip: Do not leave children, the elderly and pets locked in the car while fulfilling your commitments. Cars heat up at a monstrous rate and even 10 minutes can be dangerous. Get them out of the car and put them in the shade, or better yet, in an air-conditioned room while you finish your tasks.

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