November 26, 2021

4 (excellent) reasons to invest in an energy efficient home

4 excellent reasons to invest in an energy efficient home

The word “energy efficient” has long been an exotic term for Bulgarian consumers – in many homes today can be found appliances A ++, thousands of buildings have invested in insulation of walls, floors and roofs, while businesses are promoting good practices in this area. It is true that energy consumption is inevitable in the life of modern man, but this does not mean that you can not reduce it drastically by applying the necessary measures. But why should you do it in the first place? It seems that not everyone is aware of the benefits of such investments – and they are certainly not just a few. We decided to share with you some of the most important reasons for building an energy efficient home.

  1. Money saved – money earned

Nowadays, the saying that the cheap is more expensive is more applicable than ever, and compromising on long-term purchases is certainly not advisable. According to data from the National Statistical Institute, in 2016 the average household expenditure on housing consumables such as electricity and water was BGN 1,568. The amount does not seem large, but remember that the study actually included many people with independent energy sources – solar panels, fireplaces, wood and coal stoves, and so on. In reality, consumers of electricity in large apartments and houses can pay between 50 and 300 levs for electricity, depending on the season, the size of the premises and equipment.

If you have a habit of cooking every day, you will certainly enjoy a healthier kitchen, but the cost of electricity will certainly jump. If you heat with an inverter air conditioner in the winter – a very reasonable choice, given the low cost of air conditioners compared to other appliances – the high energy class drastically lowers the electricity bill. According to some sources, appliances marked with the Energy Star symbol could save you up to 30% in electricity consumption (with halogen, energy-saving light bulbs, this figure jumps sharply and reaches a dizzying 80%).

   2. The green wave sweeps away everything

Sustainability and care for the environment are already one of the central characteristics in the development of any product. This is not a coincidence – today’s consumers are concerned about nature and shop consciously, giving with their money trust to those companies whose products are eco-oriented. One of the biggest polluters, of course, is the energy industry and greenhouse gas emissions – energy production requires the consumption of natural resources such as gas, coal and oil, the extraction and use of which is a serious environmental problem. On the other hand, according to data from the American non-governmental sector, 56% less energy is consumed in the United States today, thanks to energy-efficient technology. A curious fact is that the amount of energy saved can power 12 states for a period of one year! No wonder then that people looking for environmentally friendly solutions are turning to energy-saving appliances.

4 excellent reasons to invest in an energy efficient home

   3. Better economy for all

Although it sounds strange at first, in fact this is quite logical. First, the cost savings are cost savings, whether the money comes out of your pocket or the government’s. This money can be redirected elsewhere or simply set aside. Also, the reconstruction and demolition of infrastructure and buildings creates an additional labor market and, accordingly, more employment. This type of employment is relatively low-risk, long-term and well paid. Innovations in the field are encouraged – if we go back to light bulbs, we will find that the standard for energy-saving light bulbs in 2012 required them to be at least 25% more efficient than their ordinary counterparts, while today this percentage is much higher.

In Bulgaria last year, another 20 million euros were disbursed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development under programs to finance energy saving measures in the housing sector – a fact that speaks for itself about the importance of these measures in the eyes of the international community. These funds are focused on activities such as thermal insulation, installation of energy-saving windows, gas installations, efficient stoves and biomass boilers, solar panels and heat pump air conditioning systems. This type of financing has a double benefit – saving energy for the future of the consumer and supporting local businesses in carrying out the above activities.

4. Everyday life becomes easy

You may not feel the difference instantly, but your quality of life will almost certainly increase by investing in an energy efficient home. The reasons are varied and together form a more comfortable and high standard way of living. First and foremost, of course, is the economic factor – as we mentioned above, the money you would otherwise pay for the extra energy costs can now be spent on another item. Viewed as an annual expense, the amount can be impressive and not to be overlooked.

Comfort at home and productivity in the office can also rise sharply – it may seem like a negligible factor, but according to a study, deteriorating temperature conditions in the office lead to 30% losses due to reduced productivity. Smart technologies and home automation, which until recently were considered “science fiction”, can also be very useful; not just by contributing to the energy efficiency of the home, but also in creating home comfort and convenience.

We hope we have convinced you of the usefulness of an energy efficient home. What steps have you taken in this direction? Tell us your way to achieve good energy efficiency in the comments.


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