May 15, 2023

30 years of CONDEX – a reliable partner for air conditioning and heating

30 years of condex a reliable partner for air conditioning and heating


The starting point for CONDEX has always been the uncompromising quality embedded in every aspect of work. This year, the company celebrates its 30th anniversary with a balance sheet for several successful projects and a long-term vision of striving for development and new challenges. Three decades after the first satisfied customer, the company is a benchmark for reliability, efficient climate solutions, and high standards of services offered. 

New logistics hub base in the city of Burgas

Stepping confidently on its rich experience, in 2023 CONDEX’s focus is to meet customer needs as much as possible and achieve greater flexibility and optimal work processes. Following the set goals, the company is building a large-scale logistics base in the city of Burgas. The investment provides an opportunity to increase capacity, efficiency and storage, and delivery mechanisms. Precisely with this strategic project in February, CONDEX won the prestigious Investor of the Year award in the second edition of the Burgas Business Awards competition. The format gathered and distinguished the most successful and well-developing businesses in various sectors based in the Southern Black Sea region. This was also the next step with which the company met the high requirements for speed and quality. 

30 years of condex a reliable partner for air conditioning and heating

Experience and security in in building of air conditioning systems for business customers

For the excellent implementation of its projects over the years, the company works with the highest class solutions. CONDEX is an official importer of MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES air conditioning equipment, as well as a representative of STULZ precision air conditioning systems. The company’s team carries out research, design, delivery, installation and authorized service, warranty and out-of-warranty support. Today, thanks to the combination of experience, integrity and security, CONDEX is the preferred choice for the construction and maintenance of installations for large banks, hotels and restaurants, business and residential buildings, as well as server rooms and data centers. The company’s clients include UniCredit Bulbank, DSK Bank, Allianz, the Ministry of Finance, the Patent Office, Siemens, Neterra, Equinix, Novatel, Teleport and many others.

Attention to each client and their specific needs

To meet the needs of the client, CONDEX provides professional service and high standards of services offered. The qualified engineers and technicians of the company have undergone specialized training in the centers of the represented manufacturers, which guarantees precise execution and excellent results of the final project. In addition to facilitating households, CONDEX offers free consultation and advice on choosing the right air conditioner or heat pump, so that consumers can make the best decision quickly and without hesitation.

Innovations and solutions with care for nature

CONDEX’s philosophy is to offer products that meet the highest standards and optimum comfort. As a responsible company and representative of the HVAC division of MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, CONDEX provides sustainable solutions that help reduce the negative impact on the environment. The company provides complete air conditioning systems with excellent energy efficiency, low operating costs with less impact on global warming.

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