Condex Ltd was established in 1993 with main business activity – full engineering in the area of air-conditioning, ventilation and heating. The company performs research, design, delivery, assembly and servicing, guarantee and post guarantee support of installations and is among the leading specialized companies in the field of air-conditioning on the Bulgarian market.

Our Services

  1. Delivery

    Condex Ltd is official importer for Bulgaria of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan air-conditioning  systems and precise air-conditioning equipment from Stulz, Germany. The company has its own warehouse and maintains stocks of all main models. You may check the availability and term of delivery for a chosen model as well as get in touch with us via the feedback form.

  2. Consultations

    Condex Ltd offers free consultations in the field of air-conditioning. In our office you can select the most appropriate air-conditioning for you with the help of experienced engineers in the field.

  3. Assembly

    Condex Ltd has highly-qualified assembly teams with rich experience in the field of air-conditioning installations. The company has established long-term business relations with proven companies for assembly of air-conditioning in most bigger towns in the country. The list of our distributors can be found here.

    Condex Ltd assembly prices are as follows:

    • Assembly of a split system with nominal power up to 3.9 kW and 3 m piping – 220 BGN VAT excluded.
    • Assembly of a split system with nominal power of 4.0 kW up to 7.1 kW and 3 m piping – 260 BGN VAT excluded.
    • Laying additional piping for split systems with power up to 3.9 kW – 20 BGN/m VAT excluded.
    • Laying additional piping for split systems with power of 4.0 up to 7.1 kW
    • 25 BGN/m VAT excluded.
    • Laying PVC cable in channel – 15 BGN/m VAT excluded.
    • Digging of piping into walls (concrete excluded) – 15 BGN/m VAT excluded.
    • Additional services – assembly of вижка, assembly outside Sofia city limits etc – following additional inquiry.

  4. Subscription support

    Condex Ltd offers subscription support of air-conditioning installations.

  5. Servicing

    Condex Ltd provides full guarantee and post guarantee servicing of all air-conditioning systems purchased from the company.

Who we are?

The principle that is fundamental for our business activities is quality performance with quality facilities. Our aim is to identify the most optimal, contemporary and cost effective technical solutions according to the individual requirements of the client for each building, retail space, residential area or manufacturing site. Condex Ltd has successfully proved to be among the most reliable partners in Bulgaria for precise, reliable and innovative air-conditioning in the fields of ICT.

High level of servicing, professionalism and loyalty are the basis for the trust and long-term relations with our clients and partners.

There are more than 30 qualified specialists working for the company. We have a Sales Department, Design team, Project and Logistics divisions, Assembly teams, Servicing and Warehouse facilities.

Our team consists of highly qualified engineering staff and technicians who have specialized at the training sites of manufacturers. Condex Ltd offers assembly in short terms. There is a servicing network around the country that is capable of providing 24/7 service as well as response up to 6 hours in case of emergency.

Condex Ltd policy is to work with proven loyal and highly qualified companies and partners offering its clients professional service in all parts of the country. We have created regional centers in some of the bigger cities as well as a well-developed distribution network round the country.


Brief History of Our Company


New building

Condex Ltd. moves in to their brand new building in Sofia, which brings us closer to our goals.

November, 2008

Quality assurance

Condex Ltd introduces a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2000.


Improved warehousing

The company has at its disposal a conveniently located own warehouse in close proximity to Sofia. That has allowed us to maintain constant warehouse availability as well as faster and more reliable delivery.


Distributor to Stulz

Condex Ltd is now the exclusive representative of the German company STULZ GmbH – leading worldwide producer of precise air-conditioners. The employees of the company constantly improve their qualification by attending annual seminars on the latest innovations in the field of precise air-conditioning, organized by STULZ GmbH, in Hamburg, Germany.



Condex is now the official representative, importer and authorized guarantee and post guarantee service for products of the Japanese concern Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Air-Condition Division. Condex Ltd specialists have annually been trained and improve their skills and knowledge attending seminars, organized by the air-conditioning manufacturer Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. in its technical centers in Europe and Japan.